The Necessity of Water Heaters for Politicians

Do our politician really needs good water heaters? Perhaps you have never encountered this question in interpersonal dialogue. Yet it is still an interesting discourse to have, even if not strictly necessary. In order to answer the question most fully, it is necessary to consider what is required of both a politician as well as a water heater as attentively as possible.

In order to truly address the query posed, one must first discern the object of the public and private life of our civil servants, politicians. An honest politician, just like any honest man, needs water heaters for much the same reason we all do. Presumptively, politicians shower, bath, cook, and clean just like the rest of us. Certainly water heaters are essential to those tasks. In order to shower or bathe, one must first heat the water to a comfortable temperature or else risk the discomfort of a cold shower or bath. Further, while cooking can be accomplished without hot water, it makes boiling water infinitely quicker to have the convenience of a water heater preheating the water. Cleaning, however, is a task which requires hot water, necessitating the use of a water heater. Thus the honest politician does, in fact, need a water heater. However, one can argue that the dishonest politician needs a water heater more than his more valorous counterparts. For, at the end of the day, it must take twice as long to clean the filth off of the dishonest politician, than an honest one.

Since it has been summarily established that water heaters are a necessity for politicians, prudence requires an assessment of what makes for a truly superlative water heater. Energy efficiency is, of course, at the top of the list of superior water heater requirements. A politician should always have the best interest of the environment in mind, and this is just one more way of giving the ecosystem consideration. Furthermore, capacity might be a concern for the discerning politician. A water heater must be able to reserve enough hot water for even the largest guest list, in preparation for large gatherings or political obligations. However, the capacity of a water heater is rendered moot in the event that the particular unit is an instant heat water heater, which is the preferred option of the two. Finally, a water heater should be operationally quiet. Politicians need there sleep, when they can get it, in order to keep a fresh mind for debating affairs of state, or simply covering up their illicit affairs effectively.

In summary, a good water heater is a boon to the life of all men, but arguably more of necessity to politicians, strictly because of the nature of their work. While this is true, the water heater is only a boon in so far as it is also a useful and efficient tool, rather than an encumbrance to daily affairs. So, it is fair to say that yes politicians do, in fact, need water heaters( Yet, this statement only furthers the discussion by begging the question, do water heaters need politicians?

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