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Ed Chau is an educational community dedicated to advocating for quality education and improved livelihood

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We believe public schools need to prepare and educate all children irrespective of race, income, or ability.

Ed Chau supports school accountability. Schools must ensure they efficiently prepare every child for college and subsequent careers. This goal is possible because some public schools facing great financial difficulty still manage to achieve this feat. Nevertheless, the problem lies in how to achieve it.

Some education experts advocate for specific consequences for schools that wouldn’t improve their learning standard, while others are worried because most times, the fix is worse than the problem.


Our Vision

Ed Chau also supports charter schools. Charter schools are public schools that are open to all children regardless of color. Studies have shown that colored children living in urban areas perform better in charter schools than in district-run schools.

Our Mission

Nevertheless, where charter schools aren’t regarded highly or permitted to conduct questionable practices, Ed Chau challenges them to consider the children and families’ needs above everything else. We believe that offering every child an opportunity to live the American dream begins with providing quality education.

Since our inception in March 2007, our aim remains the same: to speak out for quality education and improved livelihood.

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