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5 Tips for Writing about Politics (…When you’re Not a Political Writer)



Almost everyone knows how exciting it is to talk about politics, especially dedicating a whole post about it. However, there are things you should remember to make it right, and so that the readers will be able to relate to it and get to have a strong opinion about your post.

  1. Don’t Forget to Keep Your Work Simple, and don’t get disarranged

It may not catch your attention, but it’s very easy to be really involved in all the aspects of a certain subject, particularly if you’re working in one of your political publishes, and you just want to pour everything you feel and want to say. Make sure that you always keep it simple. If you have very interested viewers, you can always make some appearances in the comment section of your every post. If your readers are totally engrossed, you can write posts to follow the one you wanted to comment about. After writing everything, make sure to read it again so you can edit some things that doesn’t have to be in the article. Having a coffee break is also a good idea, making it from your super auto coffee maker and Krups automatic espresso. If you don’t have one yet you can look through this link and choose which one suits your needs.

  1. Don’t Lose Your Voice While Writing

When you’re working out of your comfort area while writing, it’s easy to integrate the voice of the topic you’re talking about, instead of your own unique one. Readers, especially the regular ones, have a big chance of knowing if you’re using your voice or not in your posts. They might even send you e-mails to confirm that it’s you who wrote that article. Do your best to keep it in your voice, and avoid getting out of the track.

  1. Your Readers Should Be able To Instantly Relate to the Post

Even for any other post that is non-political, your first line or first two lines should be thought properly. If your blog/website isn’t exactly a political one, then you should help your readers to comprehend why you’re suddenly injecting a political post in your website/blog. If you fail this tip, your readers will think that you’ve changed your main focus, and you’re probably going to lose readers along the way. Therefore, make sure that you’ll be able to make it relevant to them.

  1. Obtain an Official Statement

This tip may be formidable to you, but it doesn’t mean you are required to get in contact with a press officer to be able to obtain an official statement to be featured in your political post. In fact, each week (and probably everyday) most of the government agencies post a lot of press releases on their official website. It doesn’t have to agree with your argument, but it will give a better credibility for your post. Your readers will also comprehend what you’re really standing for or against in your post.

  1. Inject Some Photos for Your Post

The great advantage of today’s technology is that we can now easily use images or illustrations to go with your political posts. It doesn’t just decorate your post, but it also builds relation to it. There are also times where we can’t exactly remember the news, but a photo or an illustration can actually help them remember what it was.


Clyde Carter

Clyde Carter

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