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5 Ways To Measure Student Achievement


Are you a teacher looking for ways to measure student achievement? It’s important to know how your students are doing in order to make sure they’re learning and growing. Here are five different ways that teachers can measure their students’ progress.

1) Classroom tests – This is the most common way of measuring student achievement, but it doesn’t give you much information about what specific skills or concepts the students have mastered.

2) Projects – These allow students to demonstrate mastery of a concept by creating something unique and interesting.

3) Homework assignments – Assignments should be challenging enough so that all students struggle with them at first, but not impossible so that no one succeeds.

4) Quizzes/tests – These should be given frequently throughout the school year, as well as before any big projects or unit exams.

5) Unit exams/final exams – These provide an opportunity for teachers to see if their lessons were effective over time and assess whether or not they need to change anything next year.

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Clyde Carter

Clyde Carter

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