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How to Run For Congress and Win?



There are many reasons why individuals run for the congress. Some of the wants power. Others just want to be famous. There are also people who think that after leaving the office, they’ll become wealthier than before. Hopefully there are still people who fights for a position in the congress to actually make his or her country better. People running for congress may have different reasons, but all of them have one goal, and that is to win.

Here are some of the most effective tactics past candidates have used to be able to win a position in the congress. They could work, they may not.


If you’re planning to run for a position in the Congress, you will bump into a lot of people who will constantly try to compel that you that this and that isn’t possible, and that you shouldn’t be a candidate at all. And if you’re already in the race, a lot will continue to say that you’re not going to get a position. And even though you’ve already won, people will still be cynic about it and tell you that you won’t be able to change anything.

Being in the world of politics, you’ll have people who will constantly try to tear you down. Some of them are just defeatists, there are others doubtful, and most are jealous. Push them all away and do what you have to do. Not a lot of people knew that President Obama, a senator from the state of Illinois will become the president of the United States. But look at him now, he’s not just retiring from one term, but two presidential terms.

What we’re saying is that what other people think doesn’t really matter, and what’s important is what you believed in, and the determination you have.


Only a few people probably know you. You might not have the money to fund your candidacy. But these things aren’t necessary to win. But instead, you’ll have to work hard to be able to get a seat in the congress. If you’re a first timer, you’ll have to be willing to work, like waking early in the morning, do some calls personally and etc.


If you want to win, you’ll have to step out of your comfort zone. We know, no one likes calling and disturbing people to ask money for your candidacy. No candidate wants to go knocking on each door to ask for support even though they’re bluntly supporting for the opponent.

You’ll have to teach yourself how to make press releases and practice yourself on how to deal with reporters every day. Submitting requirements can also be a pain, but you’ll have to do everything if you want to win.

You’ll have to be willing to be uncomfortable, especially during your first ever campaign. But everything will be worth it when you win the elections.

Clyde Carter

Clyde Carter

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