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Is Gun A Basic Need Of A Politician?


I’m this fast-paced decision making century, the world is transitioning at a very fast rate into political activities. Many people including both the old and young are considering politics as their careers simply because it’s perhaps one of the most paying jobs that barely needs very little personal service.

Furthermore, the qualification and requirements that are needed for someone to get in the political games are very minimal. As a matter of fact, to become a politician only requires support from the people. However, as a politician, there are many things that should be considered and prioritized when you are in the game.

Apparently, one particular thing that politicians you definitely not miss is a personal gun. Why have a gun if the state provides fulltime security? There are many reasons why politicians need to have such a defensive tool. Perhaps, the type of guns they should acquire must be 80 percent pistols in nature for portability. First and foremost, politics is a very dangerous game from the bring to the end. There are many enemies that would work against you and are determined to ensure you go down. How can you prevent yourself from such? Although the state will provide the security mechanism that politicians need, the security personnel can be compromised. It is very dangerous to be offered security with an already comprised security officer. They are the one that can easily take you down at any time. Therefore having a gun will ensure you are always prepared to cover yourself in case of any threat from such officers.

Secondly, as a leader, you definitely have to lead from the front. In the recent century, various criminals and terrorists attacks are happening each day where many nationalist are suffering. Additionally, the most targeted people are the politicians and leaders especially when they go to visit the diseased and affected individuals. As a politician, what can you do if you recognised the presence of a terrorist or a criminal within your vicinity? Will you signal an officer who is perhaps injured to take action? Definitely the answer is no. In such circumstances, an immediate action or response has to be taken by you. However, this can only be possible if a politician has a gun. A gun will help them bring the situation under control.

Nevertheless, various commotions and attacks between the politicians’ critics and supporters can happen whenever there is a meeting or campaign. This is a common occurrence that is happening in the world today. However, a politician can bring order and peace whenever they have a gun with them. A politician can instantly shoot in the free air to scare those that try to disrupt the order and therefore make everything right instead of waiting for the security team to take action.

It is, however, advisable for politicians to go through poorer training on how they can handle a gun. They need to be taught when and how to use it in order to avoid unnecessary inconveniences when it comes to self-defence or gun handling mistakes. Therefore, it is necessary for politicians to have guns as one of their basic needs.

Clyde Carter

Clyde Carter

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