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Politician relaxing in a shower


Every good politician requires to have some qualities and characters that make them qualified. Some of the qualities are intrinsic such as charisma, foresight among other innate attributes. Additionally, there are also some external influences that contribute to their effectiveness, like a good relaxing in a shower. However, some challenges limit the effectiveness of the shower such as hard water. This problem is experienced in different parts of the United States, and most especially in Florida. The hard water is a challenge faced by most homeowners, leaving deposits in the appliances that use or pass water such as shower faucets.

The issue of hard water leads to home maintenance problems that also affect the skin and hair of users. The hard water deposits leave sediments on all the surfaces it goes through. The challenge is that the skin is left feeling dry and the individual is left looking dull. The cleaning products such as soaps also become less effective due to the salt residue.

The leading solution to the water problem is the installation of water softeners for the shower. A simple project that any politician can afford. However, despite their ability to pay for any installation, it is essential to evaluate the effectiveness of the softeners to be used. The most impressive part of installing a water softener is the improved state of showers with better kind of water. There are two choices, fixing the water softeners in the shower or the whole system.

Comparing these water softeners installation options requires considering the cost-effectiveness and the viability. Some of the things to consider include both the initial costs of installation and the hidden costs such as the replacement of filter cartridges. Each alternative takes between three to six months before it is replaced, dependent on how regularly the shower is used.

In the case of a politician’s home, there is more than one shower to install water softeners in, therefore more expensive to go for every individual room. It is cheaper, in the long run, to install water softeners in the whole house as a unit. However, there are other factors to consider when comparing between water softeners and investing in a water filtration system for the entire house. The visible upfront expenses display the best option to be the shower water softeners rather than the water filtration system. Regardless, it is necessary to look into the bigger picture.

Shower water softeners only work for the water in the shower and will not work for the hard water in other areas of the house. The mineral deposits reduce the lifeline of other appliances in the home such as the washing machines, clogs the taps, sinks, and faucets. The effects lead to excessive use of detergents, soap, and others.

Nevertheless, since we are focusing on the shower, for the insurance of a relaxing shower on a daily, the water softeners should be placed in the shower despite not being cost effective. Regardless, for a politician, who cares about cost, when you are assured of quality showers after a long day of politicking.


Clyde Carter

Clyde Carter

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