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SLR vs. DSLR for Politicians



DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) is a digital technology with uses image sensor to take snapshots. The analog technology uses photographic film that compromised on picture quality. A politician is a public figure who is prone to cameras and media coverage in every event. A good camera comes in handy for his personal gallery and as a reference on his political journey.


Photographs are passive information, which is used for reference even after many years. Remember Martin Luther King and his beautiful pictures. Even in death, his image is still fresh in peoples’ minds. A politician always leaves a legend. Canon is one preferred DSLR by photographers because of its image quality.


DSLR uses a reflex mechanism and a single interchangeable lens to provide real-time images. Media houses prefer canon DSLR to cover political rallies because of the following reasons

  • The expandable feature that gives it a wider view
  • The image sensor can take videos and snapshots even at a distance
  • It has a manual and automated facility to ruin different backgrounds and sceneries
  • The distance between the sensor and the lens is shorter sharpening the focus of the images.
  • Uses point-and-shoot mechanism
  • It is light in weight since it lacks a mirror which is bulky
  • Compatible with most digital tools

The automated systems of Canon DSLR camera is a plus in the brand since some of the action of the politician are not planned but you need to capture them. Media personalities admit that is the selling point of the print media since they attract public interest.


Political rallies are characterized by chaos and movement hence the photographer has no control over shakes, with canon camera, the sensor is not affected by the trembles hence producing quality images. You do not define the actions of a politician, but you need to capture them in real time. DSLR camera technology is faster and in just a press of a button, you have captured the unique scenes and videos.


For once, The Cam Critic accepts this technology and applaud the developers since it gives photographers and easy time while covering political functions. Other value-added functions include shock and waterproof features; tripod stand and a stand mount port to sustain long hours of political rallies.


The market has other brands like GoPro, Nikon, among others, yes, they have significant features but canon takes the lead in capturing real time and faster snapshots.


However, a politician’s personal photographer understands the needs and purpose of the type of camera he may require. Others take pride in customer loyalty of specific brands that is a virtue that must be respected.


As a politician, a professional photographer is vital since some of the snapshots require an experienced personnel who understands how to navigate through the camera settings to get the best pictures and video without compromising on image quality.


Comparatively, DSLR cameras have better functionality than SLR (photographic film). The speed, auto focus, image sensor and camera performance are the main parameters that give DSLR camera technology an upper hand than all other tools.

Clyde Carter

Clyde Carter

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