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Ed Chau is a nonpartisan, independent education reform organization

Committed to working with states and various education stakeholders to improve academic standards and assessment while strengthening accountability. Founded in 2007 by Ed Chau, a former congress running mate, we have spent the last 14 years advocating for quality education in all schools.

Our team of researchers, advocates, and educators come with years of experience at national, state, and even local levels. Over the years, we’ve provided expert advice and solutions to education leaders from within and across states tackling common challenges. Some of the ways we do this is by:

Our Team

Developing advocacy resources to address common challenges about improving education’s quality. This measure helps the community, state, and national-based advocates formulate and launch their own quality education plans

Gathering partners, experts, and states to create solutions to their improved education policy and execution challenges

Providing technical assistance on the development, design, adoption, execution, and advocacy of districts and states policies on quality education and livelihood

Conducting researches to advance the efforts of the education community and state, including checking the instructional material quality, state accountability model, high school graduation requirements, and state academic standards implementation strategies